23 - 31 Oct. Cluj-Napoca

“Everything is possible, everything is achievable if you work hard and if you believe”. Ana Bogdan speaks about Emma Raducanu’s spectacular rise

Ana Bogdan was just one of the Romanian players at Transylvania Open invited to speak about the achievements of Emma Raducanu whose father is Romanian. (Here is what Simona Halep had to say about Emma’s success at the Us Open.)

On possibly playing Emma in the next round and what had she made of her achievements at the US Open, Ana Bogdan had this to say:

“In that final I was expecting her to win, her game is amazing, her shots are very good, deep, powerful. I think she won thanks to her attitude, the way she behaved the whole tournament. That smile and that innocence on her face. I think that was the key. She always kept a positive attitude no matter the score, she was there, but positively. That helped her a lot.”

Emma managed to jump from +300 to 23, is that inspiration for players to come?

“Of, course, even to me. I said to myself that everything is possible, everything is achievable if you work hard and if you believe, if you’re are positive, you can do it. It’s very important to have the right attitude, this is what I admired when I watched her: the focus, her shots, and the way she behaved. If for me she was an inspiration, I think for many girls out there too. She is a great athlete and a great champion, I’m looking forward to the match.”

Emma having a Romanian father, she could have played for the Romanian Fed Cup team:

“I don’t know, if she was born here or where? (i.e. Toronto). Her dad is Romanian, her mother is Chinese, and she lives in the UK, so it’s nice to see these kinds of people. I understood she also speaks Chinese, she spoke a few words in Romanian too, she has a sweet accent. If she wants to play for the Romanian Fed Cup she’s more than welcome.”

We are looking at a high-profile match, but with no crowd:

“We have no crowd and it’s a very bad situation. Regarding the fact that there is no crowd, for us athletes, it’s not easy to play without anyone. You just enter the court and you see that there are just a few people out there cheering, but it’s not the same atmosphere. You always want to play with and for the fans. Without anyone in the crowd is bad, but we keep our fingers crossed for next year.”