Shop Transylvania Open
1-9 February 2025 Cluj-Napoca


Tickets can be bought from our ticketing partner -

Tickets purchased for the CENTRAL COURT, the ones that have category, row and seat identifiers, also allow access to Court 2. At Court 2 you can take any free seat.

Yes, within the limits of the dedicated seats in the hall. Ramps and other wheelchair facilities are available on site. You can request tickets by writing to

Yes, subject to availability. If the day you wish to enter the matches is SOLD OUT, there will be no tickets on sale at BT Arena.

The competition allows free entry for minors under the age of 6, provided they are held in the arms of accompanying adults. The rule is that one adult can enter with only one child under the age of 6. Children who have turned 6 years old need a ticket to enter the hall at the tournament.

Purchasing tickets from third parties or other ticket sellers (eg Viagogo) is not recommended.

Yes. October 8th is day 1 of qualifications, October 9th is day 2 of qualifications, and tickets for this stage can also be bought on