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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Ana Bogdan: “I love this tournament very much, there are moments that I cannot experience at other tournaments”

Ana Bogdan considers the Transylvania Open to be her home tournament. She could not imagine that she could be absent from Cluj, although she could have participated in the tournament from Abu Dhabi. She followed her heart because there are not many occasions in a season where she can play with the same support of the public. She is already at her fourth appearance at the Transylvania Open tournament, and she says that she has learned from past editions not to start thinking about what she wants to achieve – no matter how much she wants a good result here – but about the things she has to do well day by day, to stay as long as possible on the central court in BT Arena.

She does not have an easy task in the first round, where she meets again with Alycia Parks, who is playing the first round against a Romanian for the second year in a row, after losing to Gabriela Ruse last year. Ana beat Parks at Wimbledon a few months ago, but knows that “in tennis you cannot compare one day to another, even if you’re playing on the same surface.”


Regarding the expectations from Cluj, Ana says: “I have no expectations in regards to the results. But I am so happy that I came. I could have chosen Abu Dhabi, to play there, Doha, Dubai, they were all there. But I chose to come here because I love this tournament, the people who organize it, the fans, along with all the support I get from the public. There are moments that you cannot experience many times a year because you don’t have the same support at other tournaments. It’s another kind of feeling when you play at home, and I think this matters. It matters for your soul. You are left with some very beautiful things and you remember them. So I can say that I am happy and calm.”

How does she see her first match, the one with Alycia Parks?

“She is a strong player who serves very well. I mostly know what I have to do, but I’m definitely going to revise everything and I will look back at some things. I played on grass, but it will be different for sure because you can’t compare those. In tennis, you can’t compare one day to another, even if you’re playing on the same surface. But the important thing is for me to be calm and peaceful”, says Ana, who has recently been recovering from a septal deviation intervention.

“After last year’s edition of Transylvania Open, I had an operation, because I couldn’t breathe well – I could only breathe with my left side. With my right side, I couldn’t breathe at all. And it wasn’t exactly an easy operation, but I’m very thankful that everything went so well. After three weeks, I already started doing light exercises, very light, but I was moving and that meant a lot to me. But I still felt that I couldn’t do those heavier exercises and the cardio ones at the level I should be doing and I accepted that when I went to Australia. I knew that I wouldn’t be at 100% capacity; I was at about 60-70%, but I was ok with that. The most important thing was not to get injured. That’s why I felt that I was missing the resistance part, the cardio, and the breathing because I wasn’t allowed to make such a big effort with a high heart rate. Even then I had to take it gradually, so I was reconciled to the idea. 

Now I’m much better. Every day counts, every day I saw progress, especially after I came back from Australia because I had another round of a 10-day training period, where every day I saw the progress and felt it, both on the field and at the gym, and I’ve been telling the people I work with that I’m happy that I feel like I’m getting better and better, and that gives me a lot of confidence.”