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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Gabi Ruse, before her first semifinal since 2021: “I wanted to show everyone that it’s possible.”

Gabi Ruse was happy but tired at the end of an intense day in which she won the singles quarterfinal and then had to play the doubles quarterfinal, where she, along with Alycia Parks, faced defeat.

“I really wanted to reach the semifinals; it was a very tough match against a challenging opponent who runs and retrieves everything. I had to give my all to win today, and I’m glad I showcased my best tennis again.”

Gabi mentioned that she felt much better physically after experiencing some issues the day before, crediting her physiotherapist, Nicola, for this improvement. She consistently emphasized the importance of having her full team with her. The player also took several moments to thank the audience for their support.

Regarding a possible final, Gabriela said she’s taking things one step at a time: “I don’t think too far ahead. The matches have been so tough that I haven’t had a second to think about the final or the title. I’ve been taking it point by point, and I think that’s why I’ve been able to play well so far.”

Gabi Ruse reached this semifinal, her first since 2021, with a wildcard, which has proven to be very useful. “I came here with a lot of confidence, and I want to thank everyone who believed in me, and Patrick for giving me this chance. Lately, I’ve felt good in Cluj, and I’ve played very well. I’ve enjoyed everything that has happened here, and I’m grateful that my team has been by my side. I wanted to show everyone that it’s possible.”

Gabi also mentioned that she has been working a lot on the mental aspect of her game lately and believes it will become more evident. “As time goes on, you mature, and I think you learn what’s most important to you. I believe that every player, at some point in their career, realizes what works for them and what doesn’t.” Additionally, she said, “I’ve improved my consistency a lot. I’ve managed to make fewer mistakes. I’m very aggressive; I love to dominate points. I think my tennis looks best when I have confidence in myself.”