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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Miriam Bulgaru: “I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects; I feel that I belong in the WTA arena, my level is there.”

Shortly after her match with Masarova, one of the most intense and spectacular matches of this year’s Transylvania Open, Miriam Bulgaru tried to place not only today’s match but also her journey this year into a broader context.

“It’s tough, of course, but I’m trying to focus on the positive aspects, as there are plenty. I played against a Top100 player, and I was just one or two points away from winning. I felt really good on the court, and I hope the spectators enjoyed the show. I believe I showcased a high level, and I’m proud of that,” Miriam said.

Plagued by groin pain since the end of the second set, in which she made a remarkable comeback from 0-5 to 6-5, Miriam mentioned that “at 5-4, my iliopsoas muscle locked up, but I wanted to push through. I had the momentum; I had come back from 0-5 to 6-5. Maybe I was a bit indecisive there; I called the physiotherapist, but, on the other hand, I wanted to stay in the moment, even though the pain was getting worse. That was the decision, and that’s it. I think I could have been more aggressive, especially since the balls wore down towards the end of the second set.”

She said that in the second set, her initial thought was to at least fight for the spectators. “Then, I genuinely believed I could turn the set around, and at 6-5, the crowd absolutely erupted. I’m delighted that I experienced these moments; it’s the first time I’ve played with such a large and supportive audience, in front of my family, friends, and fans. I feel frustrated, of course; I was so close to the biggest victory of my career,” she said before reinforcing the idea that she has reasons to feel encouraged:

“I feel like I belong in the WTA arena, my level is there. I would have liked to do a bit more at the Transylvania Open. It was one of the best matches I’ve played. I showcased a high level, and it was the first time I played in front of such a large audience, in front of family, friends, and fans. I’m happy deep inside. See you next year!”

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