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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Gabriela Ruse: “It’s an extraordinary feeling. I felt like Romania played today, not Gabriela Ruse.”

Gabriela Ruse shared in her press conference that she had a hard time controlling her emotions and tears when she entered the court before the start of the semifinal match that she won against Rebeka Masarova.

“I felt extraordinary, when I stepped onto the court, I was very close to tears. The people who came to support me were amazing today. Not just today, but all week. I’ve always wanted to play in such an arena. When I was a child, I used to imagine matches like the ones this week.”

Gabi explained her gesture of kissing the court at the end of the match: “I didn’t know how to express my happiness. I kissed the ground because I’m home, in front of the people, and I wanted so much to win and not disappoint them. There were feelings and emotions that I hadn’t experienced before, not winning so many matches at home. It’s an extraordinary feeling. I felt like Romania played today, not Gabriela Ruse.”

The player admitted that she had significant nerves at the end when she was trying to close the match in two sets and thought she might lose the second set, but she was determined to close it at 5-4.

Regarding the final, Gabi Ruse spoke kindly about her opponent: “I’m not thinking about the trophy; it will be a very, very tough match, first and foremost from a physical standpoint. Tamara is a fighter and runs very well. But I wholeheartedly wish that my determination and the supporters who will stand by me until the last point will make the difference.”

Regardless of the outcome of the Sunday final, Gabriela said she will always hold Cluj in her heart: “First and foremost, in Cluj, I won my first Fed Cup match, one of the most important moments of my career. I believe that after this tournament, my career will look different.”

Gabi will be the first Romanian to reach the Transylvania Open final since Simona Halep in 2021: “Simona has always been my idol, and she will be for as long as I live. I’m glad that I matched her achievement here; it’s a bonus from now on.”

Gabriela thanked Patrick Ciorcilă, the tournament director, for the wildcard he provided: “We were colleagues for 10 years and friends before anything else. He has always supported me, and I’m happy that I showed him that I can.”

Gabriela Ruse: “What I wish is for people to understand that if you are healthy and truly desire something, anything is possible, just as I have shown. Tennis is a bonus. The most important thing for me was feeling genuinely good on the court.”

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