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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Tamara Korpatsch defeats Gabi Ruse, becoming the new champion at the Transylvania Open!

Tamara Korpatsch is the new champion of the Transylvania Open! Tamara Korpatsch defeated Gabi Ruse in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, and secured her first WTA 250 career trophy.

Gabriela, who faced physical issues today, started the final with a bang: she opened with a break and took a 3-0 lead before the German player lost six consecutive games. During this time, Gabi called for a physiotherapist due to an ankle problem.

On the other side, Korpatsch adapted her game plan remarkably well: she used high balls, disrupted the rhythm, and made excellent shot selections, transitioning from defense to offense numerous times. As the final extended, Gabriela’s physical issues worsened: her movements became increasingly labored, she couldn’t serve properly (forced to serve underhand), and she struggled, quite literally, to stay on the court to finish the match.

Gabriela accomplished her objective of completing the match, not without risks, and the Cluj audience rewarded her efforts with generous applause.

Gabi Ruse leaves Cluj with a remarkable journey: she received a wild card to participate in the Transylvania Open, being ranked outside the WTA top 180, and now, just a week later, Gabriela is back in the spotlight, approaching a return to the top 100. Her performances against Alicia Parks, Emiliana Arango, and Rebeka Masarova demonstrated her capability to return to the elite of world tennis.

As for Korpatsch, she concludes a perfect week in the best possible way. It was a week in which she never wavered, regrouped when facing tough situations, and continuously adapted to her opponents, the game, and everything she encountered.

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