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1-9 February 2025 Cluj-Napoca

Gabriela Ruse qualifies for the Transylvania Open final after a dominant victory over Rebeka Masarova

Gabriela Ruse qualifies for the Transylvania Open final after a superb victory over the tournament’s fourth seed, Rebeka Masarova. Gabriela defeated Masarova 6-1, 6-4, securing her spot in her third WTA career final, following those in Hamburg and Palermo, both played in 2021.

Gabriela continues her excellent run in Cluj, where she has defeated Alycia Parks, the second seed, then Anna Bondar, Emiliana Arango, and now Masarova.

This result holds a special significance, as it puts Ruse back at the forefront of the world of tennis.

In today’s match against Rebeka Masarova – a solid, tall player with an aggressively offensive playing style, relying on powerful shots – Gabriela found herself mostly in a defensive position, forced to defend. Ruse kept her opponent behind the baseline with her alert and aggressive play, making Masarova cover the court from corner to corner, thereby making it easier for herself.

Throughout the week, the Romanian player has demonstrated a relaxed, seemingly pressure-free, and stress-free demeanor, which is reflected in her gameplay. She managed crucial points well, struck cleanly, and displayed a unique freedom in her shots: she hit without reservation, accepted the occasional weaker moments when errors accumulated, and allowed nothing to affect her state of mind.

This was one of the keys to her success this week. Gabriela’s style comes with inherent risks, but she managed to keep the number of unforced errors under control and handled complicated moments excellently. When she finds this combination – carefree play, resilience under pressure, and a low count of unforced errors – Ruse becomes a formidable opponent. Not only does she hit powerfully, but she also brings an exceptional intensity, which suffocates her opponent.

Gabriela remains undefeated in WTA semifinals, having won all three she has played. In her quest for a second WTA title, Gabriela will face Tamara Korpatsch in the Transylvania Open final, who won in straight sets against Eva Lys. This will be their third encounter, with Ruse having won the last two matches in three sets.

Ruse also becomes the second Romanian player to reach a Transylvania Open final.