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1-9 February 2025 Cluj-Napoca

Tamara Korpatsch stops Eva Lys’ journey and qualifies for her first career WTA final

Tamara Korpatsch becomes the first player to qualify for the Transylvania Open 2023 final after a swift victory over Eva Lys, this edition’s surprise. Korpatsch defeated Lys 6-4, 6-3, in what has been her clearest victory in Cluj this week.

This achievement marks Korpatsch’s first-ever WTA career final, making it her most significant result on the WTA circuit. Following this result, Tamara is set to achieve her highest ranking in the WTA standings, likely around the 80th position starting next week.

Throughout the week, Korpatsch has been the player who adapted best to her opponents and their playing styles. She didn’t excel in every match, but each time, she managed to change game plans, disrupt her opponent, and take them out of their comfort zone. On top of that, she consistently performed well in crucial points: as the set approached its conclusion, Korpatsch accelerated, applied pressure, and made careful shot selections, ultimately achieving her goals.

She defeated Jodie Burrage by saving match points and coming back from a 1-5 deficit in the decisive set tiebreak. She also managed to turn the match around against Daria Snigur in a similar fashion.

Today, facing Eva Lys, who had played consistent and precise tennis throughout the week, Korpatsch executed impeccable tactics, breaking down her opponent’s solid game piece by piece. She didn’t allow Lys to establish a rhythm, alternated her shots, sought to play with height and heavy topspin to force Lys to hit shoulder-high shots, and then surprised her with flat, accelerating shots.

The match was entirely controlled by Korpatsch, who faced no significant difficulties or emotions, and it was, in fact, the first two-set victory achieved by Tamara.

For her first WTA title, Korpatsch faces an even more challenging mission: she will meet Gabriela Ruse and will have to withstand the pressure from the enthusiastic crowd.