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1-9 February 2025 Cluj-Napoca

Karolina Pliskova: “The conditions and the attention given to the players are amongst the best, what I see in Cluj seems to me to be at the bigger tournaments’ level”

Ever since she was announced on the Transylvania Open 2024 banner, Karolina Pliskova has become one of the main attractions of Cluj’s tournament. A former world leader and a player who spent years in the Top 10, Pliskova is trying to get back to her peak level.


We asked Karolina how she has been feeling about the tournament so far and what are her goals for this week.


I have been here for two days, I came from Prague, which is quite close, and the conditions and the attention given to the players are amongst the best. I haven’t really played tournaments of this level in recent years, but I have to say that what I’m seeing here seems to me to be at the level of bigger tournaments. I know it has won the WTA250 tournament of the year award twice, so I’m not too surprised.


I also know that I start with a player coming from the qualifications. What I want is to have a few matches standing, two or three, and then anything is possible. Once I gain confidence, I know that my game is pretty solid, so we’ll see. But nowadays, all the tournaments are quite strong, there is no easy opponent. I have to play my game, and if I can play well, I have a good chance of winning.


What have you set for yourself this year, what is the mindset that you want to approach this season?

I’ve lost a few points in the rankings, so I’d like to get back in the top 30 or 20 so I can get a better shot at the bigger tournaments, and we’ll see from there. I’ve also dealt with some injuries, so the goal is always to be healthy, because once you have injuries, it’s more complicated and you don’t enjoy it as much. So that’s the goal for this year. Now I’m ok (physically), but it’s also about age, and at my age you can never be 100%, but I’m doing everything I can to get there.

Beyond the ranking, what would please you the most this year?

Yes, the ranking is not the real goal, it’s just about getting higher so you don’t have to play the best players in the first round. It’s more about playing well, winning matches, and then these things will come, automatically, and the ranking will go up. I would like to win a tournament this year. Let’s see, maybe there’s a good chance this week. But there is a chance every week.

Karolina Pliskova will debut at the Transylvania Open draw on Tuesday against Sinnja Kraus in the last match of the day, on the Central Court.