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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Ana Bogdan qualifies in the Transylvania Open final!

Ana Bogdan won the Romania duel with Jaqueline Cristian, in the Transylvania Open semifinals, after a new marathon match, won in three sets. Bogdan prevailed, 6-3, 3-6, 6-4, after almost three hours of high-level tennis, and qualified in the Transylvania Open final. It’s the second time in Ana’s career that she qualified at a WTA final, after the one from Warsaw, in 2022 (where she was defeated by Caroline Garcia).

Ana Bogdan therefore becomes the third player from Romania, after Simona Halep (2021) and Gabriela Ruse (2023), who qualifies in the Transylvania Open final.

For her first WTA title, Ana will have to get past the winner from the Pliskova – Dart match. She played against Pliskova three times until now, and all the games were won by the Czech player, while with Dart she shared the victories (1-1 at the direct meetings).

For her second match in just two days, Ana wins the match in three sets, therefore accumulating almost six hours of play. This is an extraordinary effort, which opens the door for Ana not only to a WTA final (above all, one played in Romania) but also to a notable jump in the rankings. Besides this, the level of confidence that she achieves from the excellent level of play.

Ana and Jaq shared their moments during the first two sets;  Ana was more solid from the baseline, making very few errors and managing the opportunities she had excellently. But even so, the set was a very tight and long one; the first three games needed over 20 minutes, and the entire set lasted 62 minutes.

The opportunity arose for Ana in the fifth game, when she managed a break that, under the conditions of a solid serve, could’ve been protected by her until the end of the set.

Jaqueline reacted instantly. Although she lost the first set, Jaq did a lot of good things and continued on the same note at the beginning of the second set. The tactic plan with many drop-shots, designed to pressure Ana even more, was an inspired one. Besides this, Jaqueline was impressive in every aspect of the game, quickly breaking away to a 5-0 lead. Ana Bogdan tried a comeback, but Jaq stopped it, tying the set.

The decisive set looked like it was headed for a tiebreak, under the conditions that both of them protected their serve. Jaq had a small opportunity during 1-1, but the serve went on until 4-3, when Jaqueline missed a 40-15 advantage, so Ana made the first break of the decisive set. Although she couldn’t finish on her serve, Ana was focused on the return in the next game and managed the game which brought her to the final.

“I want to congratulate Jaqueline”

During the field interview, a very happy Ana didn’t forget to give credit to her opponent: 

“I am more than happy, I want to congratulate Jaqueline, she played an incredible match, and both of us managed to play at a high level. She plays better and has a wonderful future ahead of her, I wish her luck. I tried to fight for every point, I knew that she served well, that she was a very powerful player, and I kept telling myself to fight until the end. I had a lot of energy and adrenaline, thanks to you guys.”

“It’s really difficult to play against a Romanian, because we have lots of memories together, lots of training, it’s not easy to play against a Romanian, but I know that when I go out on the field I have to leave this behind and even though it’s not easy, I have to focus on what I have to do. But when the match ends, we are back to how we were before.”

“All the matches that I played here were at a very high level, I expect that it continues to be a disputed match, but now I wish to rest, to recover, and to come tomorrow with the same enthusiasm and with the same passion that I play with everytime on this field”, Ana concluded.