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3 - 11 feb. 2024 Cluj-Napoca

Arantxa Rus vs. Ana Bogdan | Three things to look for regarding the match of the day

All the matches from Friday are great because they include players who have lots of quality, experience, and impressive results. But we are focusing on the third match of the day, the duel between the number 1 favorite, Arantxa Rus, and the number 8 favorite, Ana Bogdan.

The stake for Ana: the first semifinal at the Transylvania Open tournament

Ana Bogdan will try to obtain today her first semifinal qualification at the Transylvania Open tournament; this, after a very clean course, in which she won, in two sets, against Alycia Parks and Erika Andreeva, two quality wins. This would be her first semifinal in a WTA tournament since July 2022, at the Warsaw tournament, where she was defeated by the French player Caroline Garcia.

Arantxa Rus could confirm her status as a favorite

Rus is an experienced player, who went through a lot, but the Transylvania Open is her first important tournament during which she plays as the main favorite. This was possible after she made a real tour de force in 2023, playing and winning a lot of matches (two ITF titles, two WTA 125K titles, one WTA 250 title). Following these results, her confidence and ranking increased a lot, and she entered in the WTA top 50. Rus is playing her best tennis at the moment, and her confidence can be felt in many of her shots – but also in the rebounds she gives when her back is against the wall. 

H2H. Ana Bogdan leads against Rus with 3-0 in head-to-head meetings

Bogdan and Rus will play today for the fourth time. Until now, Ana defeated the Dutch three times in the same number of matches and she lost only one set. Rus is the kind of opponent that suits Ana because the Dutch don’t attack often, and this could create space for Ana to impose her rhythm and overall game.

Also, another factor that should be considered is how much energy the Dutch player has left, coming off an exhausting match against Alize Cornet.