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1-9 February 2025 Cluj-Napoca

Transylvania Open – the best WTA 250 tennis tournament in the world, for the second time in a row!

Transylvania Open, the tennis tournament in Cluj-Napoca, has reached its third edition this year and has once again secured the title of Best Tournament of the Year in the 250 category for the second consecutive year. The award for the best tournament in its category was granted based on votes cast by the players, who chose it as their favorite competition on the WTA circuit.

Steve Simon, Chairman/CEO WTA:It is my pleasure to inform you that, once again, Transylvania Open has been voted the ‘WTA 250 Tournament of the Year’ by WTA players. Awarding this prize for the second consecutive year is evidence of the continued determination, commitment, and sustained effort by your team to provide a remarkable experience, clearly recognized by players on the WTA circuit.

The Transylvania Open team should feel extremely proud for organizing an event that consistently exceeds expectations, creating an atmosphere and environment where players feel comfortable and able to perform at the highest level. You have earned a well-deserved reputation and set a standard for others to aspire to.

Patrick Ciorcilă, Director of Transylvania Open WTA 250:We have reason to celebrate! Transylvania Open has been chosen once again as the best tournament in the world in the WTA 250 category, for the second consecutive year. It’s incredible, especially since we are only in our third edition, so we are experiencing our ‘childhood’ in the world of tournaments. However, this title is not a coincidence. It is an achievement that reflects the dedicated work of our team, the support and enthusiasm of the audience, and, of course, the appreciation of the players. We thank them, and we are glad they felt so good in Cluj!

We are committed to making our event sensational, and the fact that WTA players appreciate that is the best reward for the work and passion we have for tennis. Now, we are preparing with even greater enthusiasm for the next edition, which will take place in February this time, at the beginning of the season. A more advantageous position for us that will help us grow even more. See you on February 3-11!

Tournaments that have won the WTA Tournament of the Year award have received this recognition due to the excellence of the staff, organization, passionate fans who attended the tournament, and the organizers’ devotion to the sport and athletes.

I won my first WTA title at Transylvania Open this year, and alongside my partner Jil, we had a great week in Cluj! The tournament team goes that extra mile to ensure that players feel good but also have a lot of fun!” said Jodie Burrage, winner of the third edition of Transylvania Open in doubles, alongside Jil Teichmann.

The awards are divided into three categories, based on the different levels of WTA tournaments. The winners of the WTA Tournament of the Year 2023 are:

Best WTA 1000: Indian Wells
Best WTA 500: Charleston Open
Best WTA 250: Transylvania Open

Transylvania Open 2023 took place from October 16 to 22, and the singles champion was Tamara Korpatsch. The young German player achieved her first WTA 250 title in Cluj after the final played against Gabriela Ruse. The doubles champions were Jodie Burrage and Jil Teichmann, after the final against Leolia Jeanjean and Valeriya Strakhova. For Gabriela Ruse, the tournament in Cluj opened a series of victories in the Billie Jean King Cup, where, alongside Jaqueline Cristian, Anca Todoni, and Horia Tecău, she brought victory to Romania against Serbia.

The fourth edition of the Transylvania Open will take place in less than five months from the end of the last edition, on February 3-11, 2024. This comes after the tennis tournament in Cluj secured a new position in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) calendar, more advantageous and with great chances of attracting even more big names in women’s world tennis. Ana Bogdan, Jaqueline Cristian, and Gabriela Ruse have already announced their presence at the next edition.